5 Meditations for change

"5 Meditations for change"
5 Meditations for change

Total awareness


This post in English is dedicated to all fans of English speakers who read me, Thanks!

If the translation is not entirely correct sorry, I’m using a translator I have yet to learn English, for daring to write!!

There are many techniques for meditation that I think in this sense, there is only one that works but have to keep trying until you find the one that best suits your personality.

For example, I think I’ve already told some other input when I first proposed meditate Osho Center in Patagonia Argentina, I refused completely. Do I Meditate? Impossible!

How an entrepreneur (at the time) with two small children and therefore do every day, he would lose valuable time in sitting meditation! No way!

However, I was convinced and went to try; they managed to do it, because they said they just meditations proposing to me and other similar people who did not want to stand still, were active Osho meditations in which there was action, somehow «had something to do» just what I could not stop for a second «do».

Was a success, so that was an intensive day where we spent 8 hours meditating and in each of the seven meditations that were made at the end I fell asleep!Finally I could not do anything!

Although that was not my purpose but to my teachers Azima and Tabish at that time.

Then, it was like an addiction and to this day for me are the best meditations I’ve tried either catharsis, raising energy, release and unlock … Anyway are excellent and highly recommended from my experience.

Meditation as a way of life


Removing this, which is obviously pure technique designed by a spiritual master like Osho to help us Westerners to stop the body and mind; the reality is that ideally we live in a meditative state 24 hours a day.

Devote full attention to each breath, step we take, word is to be issued in full consciousness and would be great. Would not make mistakes by being impulsive, not feel guilt or things we do or say without thinking or what is worse, without feeling.

There is no such thing as a special preparation for meditation; We can do it anytime, anywhere and yet, I do not think that is the path to enlightenment. However, I do think that being in full consciousness at every moment of our lives, it can lead us to that state of total connection with the source.

Anyway, meditation has changed me incredibly. It has helped me quit smoking 11 years ago, I managed to make conscious many things contributed to my life in one way at a time when I really felt bad emotionally, is a very good practice regardless of the method you use.

And that is why I created a little book that could be kind e-book to share the meditations that I designed myself and have helped me over the years to overcome different situations.

Click here to access the link and download for free 5 meditations for change

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful, If you enjoyed sharing the download on your social networks with friends and be a good gift!

Post by Veronik A. Garcia

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